Mireille Seys

Born June 1st, 1962 in Montpellier, France


“J’aime créer et voir jusqu’où mes mains œuvreront au service de mon imagination et de ma sensibilité, en transformant cette noble matière qu’est la Terre.”


After a lifestyle change, I discovered the modeling in October, 2015. This passion became a real therapy : I always search to make feel an emotion by the look of the characters, a movement, an attitude.

The Birth and the Love were my first inspiration topic.

I started by modeling characters or parts of the body : feet, two hands forming a heart or holding new born feet, entwined hands and then a series of female bust. I also realised busts of people who touch me : Serge Gainsbourg, Coluche, Jean Gabin, Morgan Freeman, Mickael Duncan, Georges Brassens and recently Johnny Hallyday, Gandhi, the Dalaï-Lama…

In 2017, I created a series of fish, enameled or patinated, which allows to color my artworks. I also started to add some elements like metal or wooden supports to enhance the quality of my work.  J’ai alors pris conscience que ces poissons colorés représentaient la vie qui suivait son cours …

My first art exhibitions was also in 2017, for example the Mandela’s exhibition during an inauguration of the school of Juvignac. I realised three workds for this exhibition: the Mandela’s bust, a work which represents the Freedom and the last one advocating the abolition of racism. Grâce à cette exposition j’ai pu exprimer, ce qui couvait en moi depuis longtemps au travers de mes réalisations, le thème de la Liberté.

I had some other inspiration topic, you can discover them on this website.